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Long term oral health – a great reason to smile
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We care passionately about our patients and long term oral health is our ultimate aim.

Our Dental Hygienists are skilled in the maintenance of your teeth and gums and are an essential part of our prevention philosophy, and our dental team.

Why should I visit the Dental Hygienist?

Visiting our Dental Hygienists regularly is very important to help maintain good oral hygiene.  Our Dental Hygienists works closely with you to provide a programme of oral care, which is appropriate to your needs and lifestyle.  There is nothing like the feeling of a professional oral clean!  Our Hygienists are also an excellent source of advice on all matters of oral health.

Why should I visit the Dental Hygienist?

  • Thoroughly clean and polish your teeth, remove all the plaque and bacteria that causes bad breath and leave your mouth feeling amazing
  • Give you expert tips and advice to maintain your oral health in-between visits, including what products to use.
  • Reduce your risk of decay and gum disease and the health risks associated with bleeding gums.

Our Air Polishing System

This system really is the ultimate in oral hygiene cleaning.  It can remove staining and plaque very quickly and effectively as well as thoroughly cleaning all surfaces of the teeth and in-between teeth.  This system ensures that you will leave the clinic with a clean and gleaming smile.

Direct Access to our Hygienists

Recent dental legislation now means that you can visit one of our Hygienists without seeing the Dentist first.  Although we would always recommend that you see both the Dentist and Hygienist regularly, this facility means that you can visit us whenever you feel you would like hygiene treatments.

This is a great opportunity if you are getting married, attending special functions or just simply wants your mouth to be clean and fresh. 

Please make an appointment for the Hygienist with our Receptionist.

Hygiene Smile

Join the BH Hygiene Plan

For a small monthly fee, from £7 per month, you can join our hygiene plan and ensure that your oral care is planned and budgeted for.  Members of the plan also benefit from accident and emergency cover and a huge 50% OFF air polishing treatments and tooth whitening.

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This is a great opportunity to discuss any dental treatment you are interested in.​​

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